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AFC's flagship product, the Universal Modular Carrier (UMC)1000(TM) next-generation digital loop carrier, currently provides any service from POTS to ISDN over copper, fiber, HDSL, coax and radio transport media.
With these capabilities, the Litespan-2000 can easily handle the bandwidth delivered by today's copper-wire-based digital loop carriers.
These new line cards take what was already the industry's highest density Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) and DSLAM platforms and increases their density by fifty percent.
The UBS combines patent-pending line powering technology, automated provisioning, and an environmentally hardened architecture to enable deployment of standard ADSL services to areas well beyond the 10,000-12,000 foot reach of existing DSL services, even to customers on "loaded" long-loop copper pairs and located behind legacy Digital Loop Carriers (DLCs).
x and GR-303 access systems, Essentra[TM] GATE integrates legacy access infrastructure - including digital loop carriers, wireless local loop, FTTx, and cable - into the NGN core network.
has selected the Occam BLC 6000(TM) System to upgrade the cooperative's existing remote sites, replacing all of its current digital loop carriers (DLCs) with the Occam BLC.
West Kentucky Telephone will replace all of its legacy digital loop carriers (DLCs) with the Occam BLC in a move to deliver Triple Play services -- voice, video and high-speed data -- to its subscribers in western Kentucky and northwestern Tennessee.
The demonstration utilizes a market leading softswitch and multiple digital loop carriers (DLCs) performing local and E911 calling during emergency standalone mode with no interruption to the subscribers.

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