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PHISHCUT embeds digital watermarks into websites used by financial institutions as well as internet banking and shopping sites.
The resulting white paper outlines how digital watermarks can be used in P2P networks to provide benefits to all constituents: consumers, P2P system operators, Internet service providers (ISPs), and content owners.
As digital watermarks do not disrupt the images to which they are applied, this offers unlimited application and marketing possibilities, particularly with those companies that are sensitive to maintaining their brand images.
Digital watermarks can be used to serialize digital media with identifying information -- such as where the content originated, similar to a product serial number -- which can enable consumers to access metadata or information as well as providing additional promotional or buying opportunities.
driver licenses carry digital watermarking security features, and Digimarc anticipates that approximately 1 in every 2 driver licenses issued in 2007 will include digital watermarks.
The patent, entitled "Digital asset management and linking media signals with related data using watermarks," teaches ways of identifying entertainment content with digital watermarks and linking it to multiple sources of valuable information or services.