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It is a dilemna that Palios desperately hopes will not materialise as he would be forced to point out that Beckham's dispute with Sky was a personal matter which should be resolved away from England duty.
We will market new social drama series we made for Ramadan like 'Aunt Nour' and 'White by White,' and our popular soaps like 'Heart arm Dilemna,' starring actress Yousra, and 'Amina from Algeen.
Jason Koumas appears to have solved the dilemna over who will take penalties.
The dilemna for any individual is, of course, that these three orders ar e not, in practice, distinct and there are no guarantees that they are compatible.
Then there was Koumas, who performed without the cares of a man who has been caught up in the horns of a dilemna this week: whether or not to put his heavily pregnant girlfriend through the upheaval of a move to the Black Country, and West Bromwich Albion.
The dilemna for Taylor would be whether to rest either Henman or Rusedski from the doubles if, say, Britain are deadlocked at 1-1 after the opening day with a lot of tennis to come.
At the end of the Quest, Blades faces this dilemna in a very personal way.
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