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Hermes' Dilemna and Hamlet's Desire On the Epistemology of Interpretation.
Chelsea, have a fit bill of health, with Ancelotti's only dilemna the one surrounding Torres.
1987, "The Social Insurance-Deterrence Dilemna of Modern North American Tort Law: A Canadian Perspective on the Liability Insurance Crisis", San Diego Law Review, 929-1002.
A second dilemna may arise with youngsters, women, and men with physical problems that limit bow-drawing ability.
The other horn of the dilemna was to suppose that something other than a thermal radiator was contributing and thereby complicating the cosmological evidence.
See Rita Gunn & Candice Minch, Sexual Assault: The Dilemna of Disclosure, The Question of Conviction 101 (1988) (detailing the liberalization of Canada's sexual assault legislation).
The political game of hide and seek is confounding the dilemna of the newly emerged democracy.