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BILAN. A book in which bankers, merchants and traders write a statement of all they owe and all that is due to them. This term is used in the French law, and in the state of Louisiana. 5 N. S; 158. A balance sheet. See 3 N. S. 446, 504.

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Other winners among the 15 performers from 13 countries include Nicole, Loreen, Herreys, Dima Bilan, Anne-Marie David, Bobbysocks and Emmelie de Forest.
He edged out Rihanna, Restart, Ahmed Soultan and Dima Bilan.
One person we know is seriously excited about his nomination is Ahmad Sultan, the Moroccan singer who was voted through two rounds to reach the finals of the Best Worldwide Act, representing the Middle East, Africa and India against Rihanna from North America, Dima Bilan from Russia for Europe, Chinese pop star Han Geng for Asia Pacific and Restart from Latin America.
Dutch and Hebrew songs won 3 times each - Dima Bilan gave Russia its first victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 with a rock ballad "Believe.
Model Lena Kuletskaya has apparently been spending a lot of time with 'The Wrestler' star, which has made her singer fiancie Dima Bilan call off their wedding.
This Saturday's May 16 contest takes place in Moscow after Dima Bilan won in Belgrade last year.
Russia won the right to host Europe's longest running--and famously cheesy--televised talent show for the first time last year when crooner Dima Bilan scored the most points by belting out "Believe" in Belgrade, Serbia, the host country.
The show also sees the unveiling of the song Andrew has written with Grammy Award-winning American songwriter Diane Warren, and a performance of 2008's winning entry from Russian pop star Dima Bilan.
Dima Bilan has recently worked with many well-known and respected artists, and producers including Justin Timberlake.
For example, last year's winning entry, by Russian pop star Dima Bilan was produced by Madonna collaborator Timbaland.
The 2009 competition is due to be held inMoscow after Dima Bilan won this year's event thanks to support from Russia's neighbours.
Russian winner Dima Bilan isn'tmy cup of tea but he is an icon across Eastern Europe and has worked with R&B producer Timbaland - he of Madonna's 4 Minutes No.