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The observed overall losses of moose from predation were diminishingly small, and lower than expected from our theoretical calculations.
The consequence, of course, is that while the West may not lose the anti-terrorist struggle, we become diminishingly likely to win it.
The frequency of true error detection is diminishingly low.
But it's a seduction, nonetheless; the chance of a young, privately-funded company being able to muster the vast marketing resources of a Yahoo, News Corp, or Google are diminishingly small.
An appeals board's denial this week of the Nipmucs' bid for federal recognition does not necessarily end the quest, but the chance that it ultimately will succeed now seems diminishingly small.
THE controversial project to build yet another vast wind farm off our beautiful North Wales coastline will undoubtedly go ahead, by default, because the spurious arguments of the vociferous protagonists will prevail over those of the silent majority who see the plan for what it is, not only a permanent eyesore on a diminishingly beautiful environment, but also no sane answer to the problem.