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DIPLOMACY., The science which treats of the relations and interests of nations with nations.

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In Cairo, the Arab League was holding emergency talks about the escalation in the wake of the Negev attacks, which also sparked a diplomatic crisis between Israel and Egypt after troops accidentally killed five Egyptian policeman as they hunted for the gunmen.
The pullution then flowed down river into Russia, sparking a diplomatic crisis between the two nations.
Even though the country would be pushed into heavy debt because of the decision, it would avert a diplomatic crisis for it.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes, downplaying a faux diplomatic crisis after Hillary Clinton, viewing the famous depiction of Mary at Mexico City's Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, asked, "Who painted it?
WHILE Cyprus is embroiled in a diplomatic crisis over Monchegorsk, the suspected arms ship held in Limassol Port, a second vessel heading for Iran, suspected of involvement in the illegal arms trade has been held at a Greek port since December.
MOSCOW: Russia's foreign ministry yesterday said Britain was to blame for a diplomatic crisis over the closure of two British cultural centres and had tried to "twist the facts.
A recent diplomatic crisis in the Andes and farm protests in Argentina, paralysing soy exports, show that the region is still politically risky, but governments have bulked up currency reserves and slashed foreign debt, making them resilient to problems from abroad.
FOOD was also at the heart of a diplomatic crisis in China last week after women's team boss Elisabeth Loisel had a furious row with the FA over a hotpot dinner.
It also says Britain was "fortunate" Iran did not contest the accuracy, which could have worsened the diplomatic crisis.
In fact, Faye was driving the Royal Navy's boat when armed Iranian troops seized her and 14 others, accusing them of crossing into their territorial waters and unleashing a diplomatic crisis.
DIPLOMATIC crisis was avoided when Iranian world judo champion Arash Miresmaeili refused to fight his first round bout against Israel's Ehud Vaks.
The action was part of Mexico's effort to recover nearly $400 million it says it is owed by Cuba, and came amid a major diplomatic crisis between the countries.