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DIPLOMATICS. The art of judging of ancient charters, public documents or diplomas, and discriminating the true from the false. Encyc. Lond. h.t.

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Eventually arrangements were made with the Chinese officials to authorize a team based at the Austrian Academy of Sciences to work extensively on the text and to create a diplomatic edition and a critical edition of this extensive commentary, hereinafter referred to as PST.
Cowe therefore presents a diplomatic edition of his base manuscript, a representative of his group A which most closely approximates the original.
In a confusing, and confused, contravention of standard terminology, the diplomatic edition (A) is called transliterasi kritis, a normalized edition (B) is called transliterasi diplomatis (p.
Kobusch has chosen not to print the text of b in a diplomatic edition but to unify the orthography according to the rules for classical Latin texts.
The author precedes his treatment of each of the thirty-four strophes of the Ezzo-lied with a photocopy of the relevant lines from the well-known facsimile edition of the Vorau Codex 276, accompanied by a modified diplomatic edition, with graphemic normalization, and a straightforward line-by-line translation into modern German.
Pigeaud incorporated a diplomatic edition with critical notes and the first English translation with a commentary into his Java in the Fourteenth Century (5 volumes.
Achesoh's diplomatic edition reproduces an eighteenth-century copy in the Portland Papers (XXIII f 80119) now at Longlear House.
This book is a diplomatic edition and translation of an early medieval text entitled 'Quomodo Septem Circumstantiae Rerum in Legendo Ordinandae Sint' known as The Saint Gall Tractate.
The variety of sources, reflected in the critical apparatus, makes this a truly critical edition: sometimes this seems just an academic slogan nowadays, as everyone presents his edition as a critical one, even if it is only a diplomatic edition.
All Herbert scholars will welcome Mario Di Cesare's stunning diplomatic edition of the Bodleian Manuscript (Tanner 307).