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DIPLOMACY., The science which treats of the relations and interests of nations with nations.

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David Otim a leading rebels diplomatic representative to Kampala, says Juba may be panicking about the newly established office in Uganda, but added that this would not stop them operating in the country.
To be noted, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has rejected calls to recall his diplomatic representative in Tel Aviv.
RAMALLAH - The Palestinian foreign ministry on Sunday summoned Australia's diplomatic representative after a top judicial official said Canberra would no longer refer to annexed east Jerusalem as "occupied.
The initiative for joint diplomatic representative offices of Macedonia and Serbia might create additional distrust and division in the country.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi and Bahrain foreign ministers officially opened the Iraqi embassy with the participation of Arab and foreign diplomatic representative, as well as Iraqi residents in Bahrain.
We all should work together to ensure greater fraternity and brotherhood in society leaving all ill- feelings," said Pennacchio, the Apostolic Nuncio ( diplomatic representative of the Pope) to India, on the last day of his two- day visit to the district.
Nurjehan Mawani, diplomatic representative of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), said: "By bringing the expertise of UCA in building capacities of civil servants, AKDN is broadening its programming in Afghanistan to include university-level training for central government staff.
The Vienna Convention states clearly that you cannot detain or arrest a diplomatic representative, so should a diplomat appear to have committed an offence, like slapping an officer of the law or even injuring someone in a road accident, the first and only option available to the police is to get in touch with the foreign ministry, said the source.
Victor Comras, a diplomatic representative of the USA to Macedonia at the time, sent a letter to a minister in the Macedonian Government on 20 July 1995 with detailed information about the oil contingents, in which he said he hoped the Macedonian Government would take all necessary measures to put a stop to the embargo violations.
Consequently, diplomacy is no longer within the exclusive competence of the diplomatic representative (ambassador) and a number of other modalities of diplomatic activity have emerged.
Iran and the United States do not have formal diplomatic ties, but the Iranian interests section at the Pakistani embassy--which acts as the de facto diplomatic representative of the Islamic Republic in the US--said it was aware of the case.
Israel has no permanent diplomatic representative in Zambia.