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DIPLOMACY., The science which treats of the relations and interests of nations with nations.

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Since the set up of the diplomatic ties between Ghana and China, the 2 nations have been substantially deepening their friendly partnership in different arenas, said Kunbuor.
Formal restoration of diplomatic ties with Cuba was announced by Obama in July, with the U.
BEIRUT: Tunisia has restored its diplomatic ties with Damascus, according to the country's state news agency.
The so-called interests sections in Washington and Havana would be upgraded to embassies if diplomatic ties were restored.
Talks will focus on immigration on Wednesday and turn to restoring diplomatic ties on Thursday.
The re-establishment of diplomatic ties with Morocco comes just as Iran opens up its economy and world powers partially lift sanctions.
RIYADH - Saudi Arabia on Monday ruled out any contact with Israel, with which it has no diplomatic ties, after a British newspaper reported that the two countries could coordinate efforts against Iran.
The decision to cut full diplomatic ties with Syria will be re-examined," Fahmy told reporters.
Egypt has not restored full diplomatic ties with Syria.
The Egyptian ambassador officially informed President Marzouki about Egypt's decision to cut its diplomatic ties with the Syrian regime, a presidency press release reads.
The full restorations of diplomatic ties will allow the two countries to resume economic, trade and business ties.
The visit, the first by a South Korean president in 29 years, will certainly become an opportunity to further deepen friendly and cooperative relations with Myanmar that have been developing since the two sides established diplomatic ties in 1975,'' a statement from the office said.