direct evidence

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Direct Evidence

Evidence in the form of testimony from a witness who actually saw, heard, or touched the subject of questioning. Evidence that, if believed, proves existence of the fact in issue without inference or presumption. That means of proof which tends to show the existence of a fact in question, without the intervention of the proof of any other fact, and which is distinguished from Circumstantial Evidence, often called indirect.

Evidence that directly proves a fact, without an inference or presumption, and which in itself, if true, conclusively establishes that fact.

direct evidence

n. real, tangible, or clear evidence of a fact, happening, or thing that requires no thinking or consideration to prove its existence, as compared to circumstantial evidence. (See: circumstantial evidence, evidence)

direct evidence

in the law of evidence, evidence of a fact in issue given by a witness who came to it through his own senses or evidence from a document or item produced before the court. See CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.
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We report direct evidence of HEV transmission from a wild boar to a human.
In Costa, the Supreme Court addressed "whether a plaintiff must present direct evidence of discrimination in order to obtain a mixed-motive instruction" under Title VII.
There was no "smoking gun" direct evidence at this trial.
1992) (holding that a plaintiff establishes a prima facie case of discrimination by producing either direct evidence or sufficient indirect evidence of such discrimination); Denison v.
But the direct evidence that the youthful Ayn Rand was positively influenced, through Lossky, by the "dialectical antidualism" of early 20th century Russian philosophy is thin.
On the following day, both Newsday and the New York Post ran stories about the tenant and her boyfriend being questioned for hours and police bemoaning the fact that there was no direct evidence tying the tenant to the blaze.
In addressing the issue of adequate documentation or proof, the Tax Court generally has allowed taxpayers to provide either direct evidence (e.
Rabins: There is controversy about that, but so far there is little direct evidence that it's causal.
ATX presented its direct evidence in the portion of the hearing held June 28-July 1.
On March 16, 2006, Agrigenic completed its discovery and determined that there is no direct evidence of wrongdoing by Vitarich, Thomas or his related-party entities.
Moreno-Ocampo told judges at the Hague court in the Netherlands yesterday: "The office gathered direct evidence about orders issued by Muammar Gaddafi himself, direct evidence of Saif al-Islam organising the recruitment of mercenaries and direct evidence of the participation of al-Senussi in the attacks against demonstrators.
Scientists haven't had direct evidence that bees lived 100 million years ago, but they've long suspected that the creatures were around.

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