Direct Examination

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Direct Examination

The primary questioning of a witness during a trial that is conducted by the side for which that person is acting as a witness.

During the course of a direct examination, the attorney who is conducting the interrogation generally asks specific questions that provide the foundation of the case. After a witness is directly examined, the opposing side conducts a cross-examination, the purpose of which is to impeach or test the validity of the testimony.

direct examination

n. the first questioning of a witness during a trial or deposition (testimony out of court), as distinguished from cross-examination by opposing attorneys and re-direct examination when the witness is again questioned by the original attorney. (See: witness, testimony, cross-examination, deposition)

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Implicit in the court's reasoning is that the defendant offering this expert would not have been permitted to use the medical literature in this manner on direct examination.
Each question should build on the previous one so the jury can follow your theme--that the expert is not credible and the story he or she told in direct examination has major holes.
This article will suggest that courtroom control, preparation of witnesses, use of exhibits, and posing open-ended, nonleading questions are the keys to a successful direct examination.
The four steps in the Direct Assessment process are: (1) Pre-Assessment, (2) Indirect Inspections, (3) Direct Examination, and (4) Post Assessment.
To be successful, counsel must prepare to conduct direct examination effectively and completely.
Teams were scored on a scale of one to five in 15 categories, including their opening statement, witness performance, cross-examination, direct examination and closing arguments, said Elenor Taylor, co-director of the Constitutional Rights Foundation's law and government programs.
During her testimony under direct examination, the 16-year-old was asked to read from a transcript of Facebook conversations she said she had with Mr.
In response to the increasing demand by experienced attorneys for programs that can help them develop such skills, Celesq[R] AttorneysEd Center today announced a new Trial Skills Series that will cover practical tips, techniques and strategies for the opening statement, direct examination, cross examination and closing argument stages.
Make a smooth transition from the direct examination.
Recently, they have developed biochemical methods enabling the direct examination of molecules associated with mitotic chromosomes, and have applied high resolution digital fluorescence microscopy to the study of the structure of the mitotic chromosome.
9]/L with 96% neutrophils; no microbial pathogens were demonstrable under direct examination of CSF.
Identification, classification and prioritization of those indications for direct examination have been one of the major challenges using indirect exams or aboveground surveys combined with pre-assessment, risk assessment and threat assessment information.

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