Direct Examination

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Direct Examination

The primary questioning of a witness during a trial that is conducted by the side for which that person is acting as a witness.

During the course of a direct examination, the attorney who is conducting the interrogation generally asks specific questions that provide the foundation of the case. After a witness is directly examined, the opposing side conducts a cross-examination, the purpose of which is to impeach or test the validity of the testimony.

direct examination

n. the first questioning of a witness during a trial or deposition (testimony out of court), as distinguished from cross-examination by opposing attorneys and re-direct examination when the witness is again questioned by the original attorney. (See: witness, testimony, cross-examination, deposition)

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Apart from direct examination of skin scrapings, Wood's lamp examination and cultural examination are other confirmative tests available for diagnosis of dermatophytosis.
15) This helps the prosecutor to conduct informed pretrial negotiations with the defense (16) and begin to design a direct examination.
For analysis of fungi, direct examination and culture were performed; the direct examination with 20% potassium hydroxide (KOH) evidenced septate hyaline hyphae, branched with clamp connections (Photograph 1).
If you've been called as a witness by your own organization, you will be called for direct examination for the purpose of establishing some set of facts.
The day began with Kielty continuing his direct examination, in which Alvarez admitted that while in custody, he has illegally stored razor blades, sold prescription medicine and made a batch of "pruno" -- a homemade alcoholic brew.
After you have been qualified as an expert witness, you will go on to the next step of the court process: direct examination.
Chapters cover basic trial strategies, Voir Dire, tips tricks and techniques for the phases of the trial (opening statements, direct examination, cross examination, and closing arguments), exhibits and objections, and much more.
In addition, Mears can train operators in excavating pipe, in direct examination measurements of exposed pipelines, train personnel to operate automated sand blast equipment to remove coatings and then recoat and repair defects.
Nevertheless, his voice was calm, and within five minutes of testimony he was chuckling under the direct examination of Assistant U.
The EU decided that Indonesia had improved it hygienic control after the Food and Veterinary Office visited the country to make direct examination of the production facilities used by fishery companies in the country.
A direct examination of the cecal content was made to determine the absence or presence of the parasite.

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