Direct Tax

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Direct Tax

A charge levied by the government upon property, which is determined by its financial worth.

A direct tax is usually a property tax or ad valorem tax, as opposed to an indirect tax imposed upon some right or privilege, such as a franchise tax.

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The direct tax of 1798 imposed taxes on "lands, houses and slaves" totaling $2 million over the next two years, apportioned to states in amounts according to representation (as measured in the U.
9 percent, informed FBR Member Direct Tax Policy and official spokesman, Israr Rauf, Daily Times here on Thursday.
There is no requirement under the apportionment clause that the tax burden be apportioned across the states by population, as Professor Jensen says, but only that a direct tax be apportioned.
The Indian finance minister recently presented in parliament the proposed Direct Tax Code (DTC) that eases fears of double taxation and updates the corporate tax rates for foreign companies.
As a result, a shortfall in direct tax collection could be seen compared to interpolated monthly targets in last month of each quarter and a corresponding increase in next month, like, October 2009, January 2010 and expectedly in April 2010.
If a direct tax is imposed--unlikely but possible--the tax collectors will ordinarily be state officials because they will be collecting an amount equal to the state's direct-tax quota, just as was true under the requisitions system:
A drawback of these estimates is the exclusion of provincial taxes and, thereby, of land revenue, the major direct tax on agriculture.
Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) has been created as an attached office of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) to track financial transactions relating to illegal and criminal activities, including illicit cross-border transactions, from the direct tax angle and bring such activities to justice.
He said it a form of direct tax imposed to nation whereas MQM while debating on RGST in national assembly severely opposed the imposition of direct taxes, but government never bothered to pay attention.
Speaking to defend his proposal launched Monday for the introduction of an EU direct tax, Lewandowski said that among the options envisioned by him a tax on the financial sector will have the best outlook for becoming reality, reports EUobserver.
DIRECT tax collection, which includes corporate tax and personal income tax, went up by over 15 per cent during the first quarter ( Q1) of the current fiscal due to higher realisations from big companies, which performed better this year as the economy has been gaining momentum.

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