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Moreover, the new Monochrome Mode makes it possible to generate monochrome images by fully optimizing the Foveon X3 direct image sensor capabilities
Foveon also announced that the F19 direct image sensor has been designed into the HanVision HVDUO-5M, a digital camera designed for industrial, scientific, medical and communications applications.
RAW and JPEG format recording toretain the full image detail of the utmost quality captured through the direct image sensor, as well as a JPEG recording format for convenience
Now I can keep my clients on my site for direct image delivery and offer something unique to them.
Direct Image Photogrammetric Measurement uses advanced georeferenced (orientation and GPS-enabled) camera technology for surveying.
Volume production has begun, and the latest addition to Foveon's X3 direct image sensor family will soon be available in new professional quality cameras from Sigma Corporation of Japan.
com is a check image management system that bypasses or even eliminates the networks so many Check 21 systems depend on, allowing direct image exchange between individual institutions.
0 serial interface for direct image download from digital cameras.
Using their proprietary X3 technology, Foveon X3 direct image sensors are the only image sensors that directly capture color in three layers, similar to color film.

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