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DOT. This French word is adopted in Louisiana. It signifies the fortune, portion, or dowry, which a woman brings to her husband by the marriage. 6 N. S. 460. See Dote; Dowry.

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Directly observed treatment of latent TB infection (DOPT), first introduced in the early 1990s in the aftermath of the highly successful use of directly observed therapy in TB cases, has now been implemented in a number of settings throughout the United States.
SCONDRAS: Malawi already bad a large and wellfunded tuberculosis program, using directly observed therapy (DOn, with community workers who give medicine to individuals.
To make sure people completed their treatment, the community enforced Directly Observed Therapy (DOT).
Patient education is essential, and many doctors opt for supervised, directly observed therapy (DOT).
Cure rates have been improved with the conventional Directly Observed Therapy (DOTS).
As a result, the completion of the TB Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) mobile application and rollout of devices will be deferred until 2015.
The 2007 guidelines also require the use of directly observed therapy (DOT), the gold standard for treatment.
Implementation of directly observed therapy, short course (DOTS) has not significantly affected on TB transmission and incidence in Africa.