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The terms of a deal has received nod from the PUC commissioners for Dirigo Solar in November to build solar farms, which can produce adequate electricity to power at least 10,000 Maine homes.
Mahala had one of the best pedigrees offered in the club sales for some time and was bred from seven Excellent or Very Good dams from the super Dirigo Integrity Mahala EX94.
Dirigo Spirit is 100 percent Maine-owned, financed and managed, and we are submitting a proposal designed to be a win for the State, a win for the agency retailers and a win for all Mainers.
Staz also serves as Secretary and Legislative liaison for DIRIGO the consumer owned utility association of the state of Maine.
Interpretive essays introduce the six sections: London's East End slums, the Russo-Japanese War, the 1907 Earthquake, the Snark journey, the Mexican-American Revolution, and the voyage of tall ship Dirigo.
The Boston area is an economic engine, no doubt" said Peter Skapinsky, CPM, and vice president at Dirigo Management Company in Portland, Maine.
Statewide programs such as Maine's Dirigo Choice, Healthy NY, and Washington's Basic Health Plan have experienced disproportionately higher enrollment by nonworking populations, relative to employees in small businesses (Dorn and Alteras 2004; Kilbreth 2006; Lipson and Quincy 2007).
Maine's 2003 reform plan, Dirigo Health, included a government insurance option resembling the public option supported by many House Democrats.
Maine's Dirigo health program has enrolled more than 29,000 people since 2005.
As more state policy makers consider their options for expanding health insurance coverage, the experience of Maine's Dirigo Health may offer a road map for avoiding potential missteps.
Under the Dirigo Health initiative, which began in 2005, the state offered subsidized health insurance for small businesses, self-employed workers, and low- and moderate-income individuals through a program called Dirigo-Choice.
The goal of Maine's Dirigo Health is to contain costs and improve the quality of care, aiming for universal coverage by 2009.