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A period of digestion could still be in the works for the security, barring any advancement of the DIS buyout speculation.
The results enabled them to divide the children into four diagnostic categories: healthy (n = 150); major depressive disorder without comorbid disruptive disorders (MDD/no dis, n = 21); disruptive disorders without depression (DIS/no mdd, n = 54); and those with both depression and disruptive disorders (MDD/DIS, n = 54).
RouteOne integration with DIS helps make the financing process fast, smooth and easy to use.
The August DIs were lower than July in these regions except East China and Hong Kong.
Only one nonprogressor in a cohort of American hemophilic LTNPs has been identified as carrying nef-deleted virus (J Infect Dis, 180, p.
We also take this opportunity to congratulate the DIS on its 40th birthday this year.
Many successful initiatives have been developed by industry representatives and DIS field personnel.
While he stepped down from the DIS post in 1990, he remained the metal's steadfast promoter until his death on July 6, 1992.
Impromptu and PowerPlay help DIS customers gain a competitive edge," said Bob Brim, CEO and president, DIS Corporation.
Specifically, a DIS industrial security representative (IS rep) or DIS-appointed designated government representative (DGR) must verify the dispatch and receipt of the consignment and approve the transfer channels and procedures.
We are excited about integrating our solutions with the DIS enterprise approach to Business Continuity planning to deliver mission critical availability for our State government and related institutions," added Morales.
Shortly after INCO started licensing its ductile iron process in 1949, Professor Howard Taylor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology realized that there was a "somewhat confused, indecisive situation existing among ferrous foundrymen because of limited knowledge about the product and its manufacturers," past DIS Executive Director Keith Millis said in a welcoming speech to the 1975 AFS-DIS joint conference.