Disability payments

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Country: United States of America
State: South Carolina

I am crippled with arthritis and unable to work. How do I go about getting my restitution payments cancelled or deferred? (I am in the appeals process of my disability hearings.)


You can ask the DA that was involved and they will sometimes negotiate a solution with you-
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Kevin McEntee received disability payments for more than a decade, insisting it took him two minutes to walk 15 metres.
Rather than picking an arbitrary disability percentage, any and all disability payments should qualify.
These disability payments are separate from medical costs associated with treating an injury, and are set at varying levels to compensate injured veterans for an assumed inability to work.
Costa Rica experienced more than 50,000 cases of dengue fever in 2013, twice as many as 2012, costing the country more than $800,000 in disability payments, and causing one death.
But I can't help thinking of Larry, and wondering whether Gabby and Mark would be so free and public about their gun ownership if Gabby had been dependent on VA medical care and disability payments.
The veterans want to restore a programme that would guarantee injured veterans disability payments for life.
They say the retirement money was earned for years of service in the military, while disability payments are compensation for service-related injuries and wounds.
Regarding your article "Harming the Disabled and the Budget With 'Kindness'" (September 22 issue) on the Social Security Administration's administrative law judges, I worked for Social Security for 13 years as a claims representative, mainly dealing with SSI recipients and people filing for SSI disability payments.
Requesting a refund for taxes withheld from disability payments.
In one case, a loan applicant provided medical documentation of his disability, a Department of Labor Work Capacity Evaluation form, and a benefits statement showing regular disability payments since 2009.
The injured are also entitled to monthly disability payments, though many report that those payments have not come through.
She is unable to work and lives on long-term disability payments.

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