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The new data base register of disabled persons in Bulgaria will be funded under the EU Human Resource Development Program and the European Social Fund, Labor Minister Totyu Mladenov explained.
He emphasized that government and private sector should work to increase the dignity of disabled and to encourage the abilities of disabled persons.
It was argued on behalf of Miss Coleman that discrimination by association with a disabled person is covered by the Equal Treatment Framework Directive.
Secondly, they have a duty to provide auxiliary aids or services to enable a disabled person to access the service.
Crummey powers: Another strategy would be to give beneficiaries, other than the disabled person, Crummey (6) powers--the power to withdraw a portion of the trust income or corpus.
As soon as it becomes apparent to a law school that it has admitted a disabled student, or that a disabled person is seeking admission, efforts should be made to put that disabled person in touch with similarly disabled lawyers, or law students who are further along in their legal education.
An employer is not required to hire an unqualified disabled person, or even a less qualified disabled person if a more qualified nondisabled person is competing for the same position.
The existence of a cap on the authority to hold a mentally disabled person under the criminal law does not mean that an accused person who has reached the outer limit of his or her disposition and is still considered dangerous will be released completely.
Several years later during his stay at a sanatorium, a visiting Swedish physiotherapist supplied him with an `active' wheelchair in which a disabled person can move around by himself.
Robertson, a staff member of the Chicago-based advocacy group Access on Living, tells how a hate crime has devastated the life of one disabled person.
Whatever service your provide, you have to make sure a disabled person can enjoy it too," Piekara said.
ACB wants to assure disabled persons that they have a right to education and sports as other members of society have," he said, adding that any disabled person could benefit from the cricket stadium and academy in Afghanistan.

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