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The OCP disassembler (ocpdis2) allows the display of OCP connection activity in a convenient, readable, report format.
disassembler tries to read the invalid metadata, it will
Starting from a reusable description in the C-like LISA (Language for Instruction Set Architecture) description language the MaxCore Developer Suite automatically generates various processor simulator types, assembler, disassembler and debugger interfaces.
Hex-Rays decompiler is implemented as a plug-in module for the IDA Pro disassembler.
RIM Software Designer is a set of software development tools generated using EDGE and includes a simulator using JIT-CC(TM), a macro-assembler, linker, archiver, disassembler and debugger.
Additional protection against reverse engineering: Dotfuscator Professional Edition is able to insert invalid metadata to your application that will break current versions of ildasm (the disassembler that ships with the Microsoft .
File encryption - Automatic file encryption prevents hackers from attacking the protected file with a disassembler and changing the protection implementation.
It is comprised of LISATek simulators including JIT-CC(TM) -- the fastest instruction set simulator available -- plus code generation tools (assembler and linker), disassembler, and debugger.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- DataRescue SA today released the latest versions of its IDA Pro multi-processor interactive disassembler and debugger.