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The ratings reflect Shopko's regional strengths in the highly competitive discount department store industry, strong operating results in the company's retail and prescription benefits management operations, and a moderate financial policy, offset by its smaller scale relative to competitors.
Ames (NASDAQ: AMES) operates 308 discount department stores in 14 Northeastern states.
Department stores differ from discount department stores in that most department stores have checkout registers within individual merchandise departments instead of a central checkout area.
We asked consumers what discount department stores and moderate-priced department stores they shopped in the last two months," Curt Carlson, director of custom research at J.
They're making them the mall counterpart to the discount department stores.
An imaginative reuse plan was clearly needed and the solution was found in the form of a power center -- a retail property with several freestanding, category-dominating anchors which can include discount department stores, off-price stores and warehouse clubs, but few small tenants.
With discount department stores leading the way as the number one planned holiday shopping destination for 2000, Target Stores is committed to providing its guests with a positive holiday shopping experience -- whether they're buying the perfect gift or returning the not-quite-so-perfect gift.
Retail channels vary from country to country, but range from photo specialty stores to large discount department stores.
Linens Sales Dominated by Big-Box Retailers and Discount Department Stores