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The digital multi-channel amplifier from Harman Kardon with discrete Logic 7 provides the sound signals for every speaker, ensuring 360-degree surround sound in every seat.
The basis for the surround sound experience is the discrete Logic 7 technology from Harman Kardon, which was originally developed for professional recording studios.
The unique, faithful sound reproduction is based on the Discrete Logic 7 technology.
Advances in semiconductor process technology have driven CPLD costs down to a point where it often makes sense to migrate from multiple discrete logic devices to a single CPLD.
Until today, the system control functions were accomplished with costly and bulky discrete logic scattered throughout the motherboard.
The device integrates SVGA, VESA VL and Intel PCI local bus circuitry, eliminating the need for discrete logic implementations.
is a leading distributor and value-added services provider for a full range of semiconductor technologies, from discrete logic through gate arrays and standard cells.
On a single chip, the digital video-ready POWER 9100 also integrates SVGA functionality, and VESA VL and Intel PCI local bus circuitry replacing previous discrete logic implementations.

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