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This argument is indeed the focal point of our experiments, as we described in the Results and Discussion sections of the paper.
Following this, the discussion sections were both electronically scanned and read through by two independent observers for words and passages that could be considered as self-criticism.
The results of this study imply that Iranian medical scholars should pay attention to some Moves/Sub-moves in the Introduction and Discussion sections of their RAs.
Salage-Meyer [17] investigated the distribution of hedges across different rhetorical sections of medical research articles and reported that the discussion sections are the most heavily hedged sections, whereas the method section is the least hedged rhetorical section.
The Discussion section of a practice article should also include commentary about the importance of the current work and how it contributes to current understanding and practice.
This section spells out to the reader the research question in no uncertain terms, which is answered at the start of the discussion section (Bem, 2002).
The rationale for this strategy is that what may not be pursued in the current project may provide material for the part of the discussion section where we propose future research directions.
The purpose of the Discussion section is to explain what the results mean and what contribution the paper makes to the field of study (15).
The discussion section should include an interpretation of the meaning and significance of the findings from the results section.
Each review paper has an accompanying discussion section which is compiled by an invited expert in the field.
The call for compromise was echoed in the discussion section of the debate by Ghadie El-Helaly, a researcher, who said that clear mechanisms have to be agreed on and demands united by Jan.