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After all, the DISE allows them an overview of every Soldier and vehicle position.
Products designed for DISE configurations are now being marketed.
The DISE was initially established during the Regiment's Mission Readiness Exercise (MRE) in March 2013, operating out of the Regiment's Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.
DISE gear is so realistic that Soldiers at IR '06 performed the same loading and firing steps they would use on an M-16 rifle or M-9 pistol.
Telecomms companies that install the dise software can reportedly reduce their costs while also improving customer service.
Les avocats de l'ex-chef des services de renseignement de Kadhafi souhaitent aussi que la France dise si elle detient des informations sur un versement eventuel d'argent de la Libye a la Mauritanie en contrepartie de la remise de Senoussi.
In its report, the DISE said during 2009- 10, the Rajasthan government sent more than 3,500 computers to 2,458 ' powerless' schools across the state but the equipment obviously couldn't be used.
19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- American Airlines employee William Dise today will lead a group of 30 American employees to deliver much-needed assistance to residents of Haiti in time for Christmas.
Amber Meers, 24, a graphic designer, of Forest Hall, said: "He was about an hour into the set and he started singing Para- dise By The Dashboard Light but he only got through the first three words and just stopped and said, 'Thanks for 30 years - I can't do this any more'.
The Commando Perspective: DISE Operations in Support of OIF II discusses the organizational streamlining of the 2/10th Mountain Division's DISE to better support the brigade commander's intelligence needs.
DISE resembles a video game, but in the deadly serious business of training Soldiers for combat.
They say they have developed a psychiatric illness as a result of being told that they may be incubating the CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Dise