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The DISE and ITACS teams signed a memorandum of understanding that enabled us to host servers in a production grade network operations center.
It's not only Soldiers who are instrumented with DISE.
Allowing each unit in a DISE to decide its own security arrangements without reference to a coordinating body can lead to inconsistent security procedures.
Jaipur- based NGO, Resource Institute for Human Rights ( RIHR), which collected the data for the DISE, has decided to take up the matter in the court, RIHR secretary Vijay Goyal said.
DISE gear is so realistic that Soldiers at IR '06 performed the same loading and firing steps they would use on an M-16 rifle or M-9 pistol.
Once the dise billing system is in place Carphone Warehouse can extend its reach into the business mobile market and also offer fixed and mobile billing as well as customer services.
Customer management and billing solutions provider Martin Dawes Systems has announced the immediate availability of its dise application for telecomms billing and subscriber management.
They say they have developed a psychiatric illness as a result of being told that they may be incubating the CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Dise
Si ce n'est pas le cas, que quelqu'un me le dise [beaucoup plus grand que].
On order, the DISE serves as an alternate location for the ACE to conduct forward intelligence operations.
The Edinburgh girl had nearly 3ft chopped off her locks by hairdressing student Selina MacLeod - to help youngsters b t at attl tl tl tlin in ing di di di di di di dise se se se se seas as as as as as as ase.