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A space-time permutation scan statistic for disease outbreak detection.
Incorporation of such a statistical estimation framework into real-time surveillance of future infectious disease outbreaks would enhance the ability of epidemiologists to provide timely advice to public health policymakers.
When linked with point-of-care databases and other sources of environmental data (including meteorological, transportation, and topographical information), such geospatial intelligence has the potential to rapidly recognize, locate, and monitor disease outbreaks.
The efforts of state and local public health agencies to prepare for a bioterrorist attack have improved the nation's capacity to respond to infectious disease outbreaks and other major public health threats, but gaps in preparedness remain.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff today announced that Pennsylvania has begun a premises identification program to help animal health officials track and contain animal disease outbreaks in the commonwealth.
The register will also allow the State Veterinary Service to rapidly communicate with poultry keepers on a regional level to alert them of a change in the risk of a disease outbreak and to provide essential advice and information.
Key words: bioindicators, disease control, disease outbreaks, ecologic management, ecosystem health, surveillance.
Fenwick, who is recognized internationally as an expert on greyhounds and infectious disease in dogs, has been working with state, track and private practice veterinarians to gather information on the disease outbreak and recommend appropriate treatments.
For instance, the slaughter and management of farm animals in southern Scotland in 2001 in response to a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak led in turn to reduced human cases of cryptosporidiosis, also linked with farm animals, Norval J.
A 1-day table-top exercise in San Diego, California, in December 2004 emphasized voluntary compliance with home quarantine to control an emerging infectious disease outbreak.
Fifty-four people died, and public health officials reported 403,000 cases of intestinal illness in the largest waterborne disease outbreak reported to date.
In early August, Army virologists isolated and cultured a deadly hantavirus likely associated with a disease outbreak that began in the southwestern United States last May.

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