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Gelfand and her colleagues considered a wider range of possible threats, including not just disease prevalence but population density, resource scarcity, and territorial conflicts.
Differences in celiac disease prevalence between north and south India could be ascribed to differences in dietary patterns (rice being the staple cereal in south India) or due to differences in genetic make-up.
A population-based measure of heart disease prevalence is available.
The report provides estimates and forecasts of Crohn's Disease prevalence, Crohn's Disease diagnosis rate, and Crohn's Disease treatment rate for the period 2012-2019.
The market was evaluated via a combination of disease prevalence trends, population trends, device innovations, federal and industry standards and regulations.
Its large share is attributed by the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, presence of favorable initiatives undertaken by the AARDA and high disease prevalence levels in the region.
Fall Wildlife examined in order to detect any disease prevalence and cause of death.
We sought to determine whether infectious disease prevalence in infancy predicted body mass index (BMI) in adulthood.
However, between 2004 and 2008, 600 million people living in endemic areas received drug treatment, and by 2008 disease prevalence was cut in half, the study revealed.
Dr Iqbal pointed out that at a time when nations all across the world are multiplying their agriculture productivity, preventing disease prevalence by universal vaccination, and solving the problem of environmental pollution, Pakistan should also chalk out a national strategy and plan of action to use this revolutionary science for solving preventing problems and for rapid development.
Subsequent angiography found a coronary disease prevalence of 17% in the low-risk group, 33% in the medium-risk group, and 60% in the high-risk group.
There is continuing surveillance and testing to try to gain an understanding of the geographical extent of the bluetongue infection and to determine disease prevalence in herds and flocks.