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It is well known that disease transmission is increased where animals or birds gather in large numbers, something that many birds will do in the winter months when lack of food concentrates birds in particular areas (such as at garden bird feeding stations).
In order to reduce patient risk of disease transmission due to shared dental water, the CDC issued guidelines in December 2003 (see http://www.
The emerging and evolving field of landscape epidemiology has explored techniques for summarizing spatial patterns in disease transmission data.
Models of disease transmission, on the other hand, can provide a framework from which to address these questions of causality.
Additionally, the model of disease transmission involves probabilities that any two people in a population will meet on any given day in any one of a number of settings, such as home or workplace.
From the merger of bats, pigs, and people (Nipah virus) to the mingling of African rodents with their North American relatives (monkeypox), from AIDS to SARS to avian flu, the changing landscape of animal habitat is changing the geography and ecology of disease transmission.
A: FDA may issue an order for retention, recall or destruction upon an Agency finding that there are reasonable grounds to believe that an ACT/P is a violative HCT/P because it was manufactured in violation of the regulations and, therefore, the conditions of manufacture do not provide adequate protections against risks of communicable disease transmission, or the HCT/P is infected or contaminated so as to be a source of dangerous infection, or an establishment is in violation of the regulations and therefore, does not provide adequate protections against the risks of communicable disease transmission.
Disease transmission and bacterial infection through transplantation of human donor tissue, or allograft, is a very real risk.
They found that changes in relative humidity and rainfall play significant roles in disease transmission.
Xylos' technology is based upon a proprietary biocellulose material and the ability to bioengineer this material into medical devices that are safe, biocompatible, have no known risk of disease transmission, have no limitation on availability and can be engineered to meet precise product performance requirements.
However, large-scale population displacement, with consequent overcrowding in temporary settlements and disruption of water supply and sanitation, are indeed associated with increased risks for communicable disease transmission.
The primary reason for this request is the evidence of disease transmission on aircraft.

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