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Free from bias, prejudice, or partiality.

A disinterested witness is one who has no interest in the case at bar, or matter in issue, and is legally competent to give testimony.

See: dispassionate, equitable, evenhanded, factual, impartial, judicial, just, neutral, objective, open-minded, perfunctory, phlegmatic, torpid, unbiased, unprejudiced
References in classic literature ?
Crito, who is a disinterested person not having the fear of death before his eyes, shall answer this for him.
I equally flatter myself that a further and more critical investigation of the system will serve to recommend it still more to every sincere and disinterested advocate for good government and will leave no doubt with men of this character of the propriety and expediency of adopting it.
And that's disinterested, mind ye, for my stables are in the Glesgie Road.
But, we must say, at the present moment D'Artagnan was ruled by as feeling much more noble and disinterested.
You may one of these days reap the reward of your disinterested devotion.
Likewise he is a good, disinterested soul, and one that is not over-talkative, though a true bear in appearance and demeanour.
This was his plan off amends-- of atonement-- for inheriting their father's estate; and he thought it an excellent one, full of eligibility and suitableness, and excessively generous and disinterested on his own part.
I do not suppose that you will all be quite so disinterested as Monsieur de la Fere," replied the cardinal, bowing to Athos.
Laurence," said his Grandfather, "if ever you should doubt that man is capable of disinterested zeal for his brother's good, then remember how the apostle Eliot toiled.
As to Captain Bonneville, he slept in the lodge of the venerable patriarch, who had evidently conceived a most disinterested affection for him; as was shown on the following morning.
With her, it seemed to be the result of pure, disinterested, and confiding friendship.
But his love was much the strongest, and soon looked down the distrust, however reasonable, under the circumstances, the latter might have appeared to a disinterested and cool-headed observer.

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