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The rise of RAID 6 is closely connected with the extensive popularization of disk array technologies since 2000.
Precise supports HP's commitment to its customers' investments in storage management by delivering a solution that provides crucial visibility into the performance of the HP Surestore XP disk array storage system as it relates to the IT infrastructure in support of business application processes," said Tom Rallens, General Manager, HP Consolidated Solutions.
A real-time film resolution playback system will be demonstrated using multiple Ciprico's Spectra 6900, a 40 MB/second Ultra SCSI disk array and SGI's Onyx2, the newest version of the Onyx.
Larger disk arrays increase the risk of data loss during rebuild to the point of near certainty since every block on the remaining disks need to read correctly for a successful rebuild.
Once the exclusive realm of write-once optical disk, a new generation of WORM storage alternatives has emerged that includes WORM disk arrays and WORM tape.
Ciprico's 6900 disk array uses the latest version of the SCSI peripheral interface standard, called UltraSCSI, that doubles SCSI's maximum transfer rate to 40 MB/second.
This unique design means that a COPAN Systems disk array has 25% of the power and cooling requirements of a typical array.
8GFC will prevent bottle-necks in the point-to-point and loop topologies over copper inside the disk array before they can occur.
Spectra disk array has data transfer rates of 19MB/second.
The D Series combines Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003, nStor disk arrays and advanced storage management software for dependability, seamless integration and excellent ROI.
Front-end disk cache: Many enterprise library makers have combined tape and disk subsystems by placing a disk array on the front-end of the tape library.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- Cray Research (NYSE: CYR) today announced that it is expanding its RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) product offering by introducing the Cray Research Network Disk Array, a bulk storage device designed to reside on high- performance computer networks.