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When adolescents dispair of their problems, they often use drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol.
And all too easy for Celtic in the end, leaving Dunfermline in the depths of utter dispair.
As it gradually became clear that his cash would not regain its former worth, Beadle was "thrown into a state little better than dispair.
It is differentials like these that make one dispair of the explanatory powers of the traditional variables used in social sciences.
A survivor of numerous crises in Turkish-Greek ties, the tiny publication saw its fortunes nosedive this year as Greek companies cut advertising, leaving its owner and sole employee in dispair.
DISPAIR Paddy's pals yesterday VICTIM Paddy TRIBUTE Friends of Paddy at spot where he died FUN LOVING Paddy McErlean loved motorbikes and his quad
Orwell's book painted a portrait of unemployment and dispair among the working classes and the poverty and apathy that came hand in hand with it.
Sam is a true 80s girl and still rates Footloose as one of her favourite films, Her best friends dispair of her Limahl look and call in the experts to help her update her wardrobe.
Don't dispair, its not just the amateur politicians who do this - the real ones showed how to do it perfectly this week.
Laois have dragged themselves from the depths of dispair after their humiliating shocker against Dublin.
We, the supporters, are quite capable of making our own judgements on Messrs Strachan and Richardson after the season of dispair dished up by these two so stop trying to brainwash us.