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DISPAIR Ken Doherty and Mark Allen both crashed out of Shanghai Masters
When all this pain, grief and dispair will be gone.
Gordon Brown must be wringing his hands with dispair.
Unemployement is many times the origin of experiences of loneliness, contempt and dispair as the complaints of the patients in the data attest.
We join with it," he states, in times of happiness and moments of dispair.
Although Elton Flatley slotted another penalty after the break due to more England indiscipline in the line-out, Wilkinson was on song with his next drop shot and after the re-start just one good hoof into the stands ran the clock down and Australia into dispair.
I write with mixed feelings; relief that the Kyoto Protocol was ratified by the world and dispair at US disregard for world safety and the environment.
My excitement turned to dispair as my corner of the world became a quiet vacuum.
When adolescents dispair of their problems, they often use drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol.
And all too easy for Celtic in the end, leaving Dunfermline in the depths of utter dispair.