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Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW), based in Corning, New York, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of optical fiber, and an industry leader in the development and commercialization of dispersion-shifted fiber.
Corning's dispersion-shifted fiber is designed for use in the 1550 nanometer window, which allows high data rate signals to be transmitted almost twice as far as standard single-mode fiber.
Since then, Corning has revolutionized telecommunications by developing fiber innovations such as the first dispersion-shifted fibers, large effective area fibers, and ultra-low-loss fiber for long-haul and high-data rate transmission; the first laser-optimized multimode fibers for enterprise networks; and the first G.
Corning LEAF optical fiber offers a larger effective area than other commercially available non-zero dispersion-shifted fibers on the market, which allows network developers to achieve greater distances, higher capacity and larger cost savings, while reducing nonlinear distortions that can degrade overall system performance," continued Linchuck.
Corning LEAF fiber has a larger effective area than existing non-zero dispersion-shifted fibers.
As with its TeraLight non-zero dispersion-shifted fibers, SMF features Alcatel's unique ColorLock coating system, wherein the standard identification color code is incorporated in each fiber's secondary coating, replacing the traditional surface application of thin layers of ink.