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Moreover, it focused on efforts being done to provide the displaced people with food and medicines for the displaced people, affirming the importance of enhancing cooperation between the local authority and international organizations.
The talks dealt with means of coordination between Health Office and ADRA Organization to regulate communication mechanism to serve the displaced people .
Today, the region hosts 896,000 internally displaced people and has seen the largest population of people returning to their areas of origin, 605,000.
QC had launched "Save the People of Mosul" campaign to provide humanitarian relief for the displaced people of Mosul and established a fully quipped camp.
Director of Social Affairs and Labor in the province, Nibal al-Hariri said that the aid included 600 food packages for families of martyrs and wounded people as well as displaced people.
The UNHCR will also donate two thousand five hundred tents and ten thousand plastic sheets for the temporarily displaced people of these agencies.
Elders of the area Malik Baghi Khan Musakhel, Malik Subadar Khan, Malik Haji Manjoor Khogakhel, Malik Hazrat Ullah, Malik Syed Ullah, Malik Zarjan Jadobi and others informed authorizes from the difficulties with regards to war affected displaced people and rehabilitation package for IDPs, lack of facilities in getting NIC and Domiciles.
Approximately $82,000 will go towards helping displaced people in Iraq, with $68,000 given to assist Rohingya refugees in Malaysia.
Wide shot, internally displaced people sitting outside UNMISS Malakal on
OCHA stressed the mission findings indicate that approximately 800 displaced people have arrived in Abyei since 11 June 2015, with more arrivals likely in the coming weeks, noting the majority of people displaced are women and children, with only a few elderly people and men.
7 million refugees and IDPs are currently residing in Kurdistan Region, which counts for more than 50% of the total number of displaced people in the whole country.
The surrounding Babylon and Kerbala provinces have been closed to displaced people from Anbar , Spindler said.

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