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Al-Marnom said that some displaced people currently live in public schools and at the Health Institute compound in Ataq, the capital of Shabwa.
He said that Darfur regional Authority is working to convince the citizens at the displaced people camps to return to their home areas voluntarily.
ARBIL/ Aswat ala-Iraq: Parliament Speaker Saleem al-Jbouri disclosed today that the Parliament will hold a special session to discuss the situation of the displaced people there.
In a statement, he put the number of internally displaced people at 84,000 families.
Wide shot, buses carrying internally displaced people in to the protection of civilians site
It pointed out that most people are staying outside under trees where they are exposed to harsh rainy season conditions, saying there is only one water source available for both the host community and the displaced people, and long queues have already led to some conflict.
and non-governmental organizations, have so far managed to reach camps for internally displaced people in Rakhine's provincial capital Sittwe, as well as in nearby townships such as Pauktaw and Myebon," UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards told reporters in Geneva.
Bzeibez bridge, which connects Anbar to Baghdad, has remained closed for days, leaving thousands of displaced people stranded.
If displaced people had their own country it would be the 24th most populous in the world.
While talking to the displaced people, members of the Caucus expressed deep concern over the psychological trauma that the women and children have to go through while inhabiting the camps.
During the National Conference on Forced Displaced People, held today by the Higher Islamic Council, he pointed out that the Iraqi government "does not want civilian casualties due to air strike", stressing that "terrorists shall be chased".
Phelim Kine, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch said that the Pakistani government should address the needs of displaced people in order to avoid disastrous consequences.

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