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Additionally it has been observed that a good correlation occurred between emulsification index and oil displacement activity (R2=0.
When I feel uncomfortable I start scratching my neck, which I found out is called displacement activity.
I know roughly why I do this - in psychological terms, it's called a Displacement Activity, something that puts off the inevitable.
Whenever I designate a day, a writing day, all manner of displacement activity shows up.
The presence of the shade cloth did not change the amount of time storks spent proximate to the barriers, nor did they spend more than 2% of their time using the barriers to block other storks, but the presence of the barriers significantly reduced displacement activity.
She says, 'Fussing over seating plans or which flowers are trendy is actually a displacement activity - it's putting the attention on to the small details instead of the important details about your relationship and the contract of marriage.
Unfortunately, these reforms have all too often served as displacement activity -- worthwhile in themselves, but failing to answer unambiguously the question posed with increasing urgency by international markets: Are the eurozone's largest and currently most prosperous members absolutely committed to its continuation?