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G4Games claims that the Samsung may make use of its YOUM display screen for the Galaxy S6 and both the sides of the device would feature curved displays.
The height of the seat should be adjustable; The display screen must have well-defined characters of adequate size.
Despite all the industry talk about energy-saving LED technology, not all power economy comes from the display screen.
Companies like Samsung are planning to capitalize on this new technology by being the first to market with the introduction of a mobile device equipped with a flexible display screen.
The technology is increasingly gaining credibility amongst the critics as more people are discussing and keenly anticipating the launch of flexible display screen based devices.
Premier specification will be available only on the 450h hybrid and offers additional interior features such as triple zone climate control, a Mark Levinson sound system and the colour display screen which measures 12.
Many of the features - especially the display screen - are likely to make their way on to forthcoming Mercedes cars.
All 400-series units feature a 4-inch display screen, high-sensitivity GPS sensor, and the ability to connect to a NMEA 2000 network.
Under the agreement, BSE will display Ithmaar Bank's name and logo on the display screen showing the details of activities on the trading floor.
Patients using blood glucose meters made by Abbott Laboratories should take caution and examine the display screens carefully if the meters have been dropped on a hard surface, the company warned.
But the trust says it is purely a display screen which is part of an integrated system and will not work in other vehicles.
Other products include bulkhead and sidewall displays, widescreens and a 42-inch high definition gas plasma display screen.