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The Evaluation Result Displayer is responsible for generating a feedback page to display the evaluation results based on who is making the request, a teacher or a student.
The distorter of placement, the chafer of necks, the twister of thumbs, but above all, the displayer of the ballerina's legs.
We will also have new gift sets for the fourth quarter in specially designed displayer units.
Before the game, played on the 50th birthday of NBA legend Michael Jordan, James - a modern-day displayer of Jordan's gravity-defying, high-leaping moves - tweeted his best wishes to six-time NBA champion Jordan.
12, the aspect descripter has three parts of WS-BPEL displayer, aspect component editer and weaved result displayer.
And, as long as the developer engaged mechanisms to elicit truthful valuations-which Fennell describes in detail, but which I leave to one side for purposes of brevity-this ESSMO device would enable the developer to achieve an optimal level of flamingo displays: neighbors would only call in flamingo display rights when the collective disutility of a display exceeded its utility to the displayer.
Since the gun show displayer of the MP40 lives only about 100 miles from me here in Montana, he acquired a couple of Form Fours and we filled them out.
South Africa, and in nervous colonial offices around the world, the black boxer Jack Johnson, defiant public consort of white women and flamboyant displayer of his wealth and fame, soundly defeated the white champion Jim Jeffries.
Without intending to deliver an overall displayer or even a comprehensively comparing assessment, two quite popular concepts are mentioned here and one of it is focused on in more detail.
A WROUGHT-IRON Penny Farthing plant displayer went missing from outside my daughter's house in Blackbraes Road, California, on September 20.
It does not seem relevant to me for the city to own art that is being locked up in a warehouse somewhere, not being seen, not being appreciated,'' said City Councilwoman Laura Chick, a leading displayer of the city's art collection in her council offices as well as a member of the council's Government Efficiency Committee.