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The displayer may stand, take several slow steps, make slow semi-circles, or trot to the side of the target bird.
A WROUGHT-IRON Penny Farthing plant displayer went missing from outside my daughter's house in Blackbraes Road, California, on September 20.
It does not seem relevant to me for the city to own art that is being locked up in a warehouse somewhere, not being seen, not being appreciated,'' said City Councilwoman Laura Chick, a leading displayer of the city's art collection in her council offices as well as a member of the council's Government Efficiency Committee.
Pinnacle's combination pallet, which offers coordinated framed art and mirrors on one displayer, was a hit at the International Housewares Show in Chicago and will be placed at retail this year, executives said.
1987) (subjecting a Japanese corporation to jurisdiction where the corporation manufactured and sold goods directly to a Pennsylvania displayer, who used the product in West Virginia which caused injury to a local plaintiff).
Whether grocers want to promote departments or use digital signs as video extension reinforcing shelf tags and secondary displays, the company's Digital Displayer supports retailers' digital promotion needs.
Department of Labour, Bereau of Apprenticeship and Training, with estimated term in years Arts Actor 2 Audio operator 2 Bank-note designer 5 Camera operator 3 Cartoonist, motion pictures 3 Cloth designer 4 Commercial designer 4 Decorator 4 Director, television 2 Display designer 4 Displayer, merchandise 1 Electronic prepress system operator (desktop publisher) 5 Field engineer, radio and television 4 Film or videotape editor 4 Floral designer 1 Fur designer 4 Furniture designer 4 Graphic designer 1.
Another option is to install a ClickShare Base Unit (for Barco s meeting and collaboration system) or a DISplayer (Barco dzine s digital signage media player) inside the structure.
The two initial titles in the Avanti gift book series will be available for shipment with a custom 2-pocket displayer in September, 2006.
One of the best mechanisms, though, has been a resin displayer that is featured in about 600 Sears locations.
Not only are the cards in a red, white and blue displayer, but all the Democratic cards are on the left and all the Republican cards are on the right
The Advanced FFT Analysis is easy to use and tightly integrated within VeriBest Analog Waveform Displayer (AWD), VeriBest Analog's post-processor.