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Key to serious research, the company's products are a gateway to the world's knowledge including dissertations, governmental and cultural archives, news, historical collections and ebooks.
The EBSCO Support Site contains information to help librarians learn more about adding American Doctoral Dissertations to EBSCOhost profiles.
dissertations today from the German Operations Research Society (GOR), at the society's meeting in Vienna.
Every ten years the INTERNATIONAL BULLETIN OF MISSIONARY RESEARCH (IBMR) commissions a review of Englishlanguage dissertations related to Christian mission.
It includes the world's largest collection of dissertations and theses; 20 million pages and three centuries of global, national, regional and specialty newspapers; more than 450,000 ebooks; rich aggregated collections of the world's most important scholarly journals and periodicals; and unique vaults of digitized historical collections from great libraries and museums, as well as organizations as varied as the Royal Archives, the Associated Press and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
The activities ranged from articulating goals to creating Valentines for our dissertations (to rekindle that research-interest flame).
Printers are inundated with students around this time of year who all want their dissertations bound so make sure you find out how long it will take so you won't miss your deadline.
Available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database.
What follows is an account of our research, including information on the meta-study framework we used, our selection of the dissertations for analysis, and our methods and procedures for analyzing the dissertations.
Schmidt knew personally Georgiev, while the main sources of both dissertations include minutes of meetings of IOC and its Executive Committee as well as analysis of documents from the Olympics, indicated the Presidential Office.
Conkling et al (2010) of doctoral dissertations across various subject disciplines at different universities pre-web (1990-1993) and post-web (2003-2006), found high use of monographs and older materials in African American Studies dissertations.
Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) are a relatively new mode of research and scholarly communication.