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According to Table 7, it is clear that the viscoelastic blades, even when they are not equipped with the vibration absorber, reduce dissipated energy more than the elastic blade (almost 87%) and even elastic blade which is equipped with optimum vibration absorber (almost 75%).
To obtain an experimental value of dissipated energy during the nanoindentation process, in order to compare it to the theoretical model, one can proceed in two different manners: force-distance curves or phase contrast images.
12] correlated the number of cycles to fatigue failure with dissipated energy in axial load-controlled fatigue test of a short glass fiber reinforced polyamide-6.
Therefore, the dissipated energy of both fingers is expected to be lower during movements without pinching or without a counteracting cosmetic glove.
The objective of our work is to calculate the cumulative AE energy (named AE in what follows for simplicity) and to perform the comparison with the cumulative dissipated energy related to damage (named DE) that was previously obtained in [1,2] and was named WP in those works.
Similarly, exposure to amoxicillin or levofloxacin hydrochloride at mg/L dosages could decrease the density of the active photosynthetic reaction centers and increased the dissipated energy flux per reaction centers in Synechocystis sp.
As performance index was considered the dissipated energy on vibration cycle.
The research is focused on evaluation of the disturbance in the DSC which is defined and applied by dissipated energy induced by stress.
A large part of the dissipated energy goes into turbulence," Lucas says.