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Dissipated energy density per unit time was computed as the area inside the hysteresis loop multiplied by frequency.
According to this model, structural damage consists of linear combination of the maximum displacement and the dissipated energy, in the form of a damage index [D.
3] Table 5--dissipated energy Velocity (m/s) Stretch tests Simulated tests Dissipated energy Dissipated energy (J x [10.
Wear analysis in fretting of hard coatings through a dissipated energy concept, Wear 203-204: 393-403.
The dissipated energy on a cycle of vibration motion is:
One of the most appealing features of the MULTI PLUS range is its substantial energy-saving potential which can result in 40% less dissipated energy savings per annum than a traditional UPS solution.
The research is focused on evaluation of the disturbance in the DSC which is defined and applied by dissipated energy induced by stress.
A large part of the dissipated energy goes into turbulence," Lucas says.