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Using Rogers' (2003) theory for this type of research could help to implement and possibly increase adoption and diffusion of distance education in the health education profession.
The measure mandates the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) to provide expertise to the CHED in the performance of its functions, such as leadership in the development of open learning and distance education expertise in the country and in the appropriate use of information and communications technologies in support of quality higher education.
Prof Inamullah said Distance Education Program was designed for students irrespective of caste, gender and age discrimination, adding students of the brotherly Muslims countries Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia have been enrolled in different disciplines also.
In the 2000-2001 academic period, more than three million students were enrolled in distance education courses in the U.
New interest in online education among the states was triggered by a 2010 federal effort to push a new regulation requiting colleges to obtain and document state approvals for any distance education program offered outside an institution's home state.
It is time to lay the old aside and embrace distance education.
Methods of assessing student learning are more of an issue in distance education than in traditional courses because the distance between students and teachers increases the threat of plagiarism and dishonesty.
Using Hensrud's (2001) questionnaire for evaluating quality online distance education programs, the perceptions of 130 participants who were directly involved in the development and implementation of the online program were surveyed.
In the book Building a Working Policy for Distance Education (Jossey-Bass, 1997), Patricia Kovel-Jarboe noted, "When distance learning is a marginal aspect of campus life, it is tempting to offer incentives (often monetary) to entice faculty to design and deliver distance education offerings.
TAB focuses on the bivariate relationships between district characteristics and the data gathered in the survey, rather than more complex analyses, to provide descriptive information about technology-based distance education.
These include technology such as video relay phone service (VRS), a pilot program in Minnesota using video remote interpreters to facilitate State Department of Workforce Services interactions with Deaf clients, and distance education including specialized online instruction for students who are Deaf (e.
The Canadian Association for Distance Education (CADE) presented the Excellence and Innovation in Student Services Award to the college's online training program for peer tutors.

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