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Curt Steinhorst shows us how to overcome distraction and reclaim focus in every aspect of your life and work.
The Russia story is a distraction from the Affordable Care Act
Background and Objectives: In the present era, it is difficult to keep the concentration of college students at its maximum potential during the class time, as there are many distractions that negatively impact students' concentration and prevent optimal learning.
USA], Aug 16 (ANI): A team of researchers has produced an extensive dataset examining how drivers react to different types of distractions, part of an effort to devise strategies for making driving safer.
Heavy Sketches: Among Worldly Distractions" features zombies, pizza, aliens, video games, and the apocalypse as just a few of the worldly distractions that capture Red's wandering mind in an ultimate graphic novel anthology unlike anything seen before.
Contributing factors to medication errors include distractions, lack of focus, and failure to follow standard operating procedures.
Phillips presents readers with a comprehensive examination of eighteenth century English literature, arguing that literary greats of the period were preoccupied with ideas regarding the ability of the mind to focus and the impact of distractions on cognition and aspects of literacy.
For example, being lost in thought or looking but not actually seeing are related to cognitive, auditory, biomechanical and potentially visual distractions.
Knowing this, it's important to train your dog on how to react when distractions inevitably come calling.
Focus--Eliminating Distractions for Enhanced Spiritual Vision
However, Harman's system is able to measure overstimulation based on rapid fluctuations of the diameter of the pupil, which indicate a driver's high cognitive workload or mental distractions.