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A prerequisite to enabling distributed authoring and versioning is the ability to perform authentication, by which the recipient of a message verifies the identity of the sender (both as an individual and in terms of his or her group memberships), and access control, which associates a request for the particular resource that is the object of the request with the people allowed to make that type of request.
This new capability enables publishers to more easily separate content for distributed authoring teams, segregate news feeds and other special data, and efficiently assemble content for searching and publishing on the Web, intranets, or extranets.
A proposal to add distributed authoring and versioning to documents published on the world wide web has taken a leap towards widespread acceptance.
Efforts of the IETF Working Group to define standards for a distributed authoring and versioning protocol for the Web (WEBDAV) are a step in the right direction.
Perception's distinguishing features include: workflow management; twenty-two question types; efficient management of large item banks; and shared content repositories that enable collaborative, distributed authoring.
We are quite pleased that our Web site publishing technologies are helping societies to meet the distributed authoring needs, workflow requirements, and security concerns of their memberships," said Huntington Williams, III, president and CEO of COS.
1 is the basis of WebDav (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) and the inter-server programming techniques known as Web-services.
Distributed authoring - As one of the most sought-after sources for biosecurity news, research and analysis, it is vital for the Center to keep its Websites going no matter what.
Three-person teams made from some of Louisville's brightest technology companies will look to decode challenging acronyms like WEBDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) and NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol) at the unique fund raiser.

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