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District Court

A designation of an inferior state court that exercises general jurisdiction that it has been granted by the constitution or statute which created it. A U.S. judicial tribunal with original jurisdiction to try cases or controversies that fall within its limited jurisdiction.

A state district might, for example, determine civil actions between state residents based upon contract violations or tortious conduct that occurred within the state.

Federal district courts are located in places designated by federal law, hearing cases in at least one place in every state. Most federal cases, whether civil actions or criminal prosecutions for violations of federal law, commence in district court. Cases arising under the Constitution, federal law, or treaty, or cases between citizens of different states, must also involve an interest worth more than $75,000 before the district court can exercise its jurisdiction.

The federal district courts also have original and exclusive jurisdiction of Bankruptcy cases, and admiralty, maritime, and prize cases, which determine rights in ships and cargo captured at sea. State courts are powerless to hear these kinds of controversies.

A party can appeal a decision made in district court in the Court of Appeal.


Federal Courts.

district court

n. 1) in the federal court system, a trial court for federal cases in a court district, which is all or a portion of a state. 2) a local court in some states. (See: court)

district court

1 in Scotland a court of summary jurisdiction held by a stipendiary magistrate or one or more justices of the peace to deal with minor criminal offences.
2 in the USA a federal trial court serving a federal judicial district or in some states a court having general jurisdiction in a state judicial district.
3 in Australia and New Zealand a court lower than a high court.
4 a court in the Republic of Ireland.

DISTRICT COURT. The name of one of the courts of the United States. It is held by a judge, called the district judge. Several courts under the same name have been established by state authority. Vide Courts of the United States.

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After filing another appeal, a district court judge upheld the prior revocation and suspension, but ordered that the 2010 license application be approved.
The figures released by the Courts Service show that the unidentified district court judge received EUR43,448 in travel expenses and an additional EUR48,461 in subsistence.
District Court Judge Barry Moskowitz agrees to rule and decide by September 2006 if both the land transfer and the presence of the cross on federal land are unconstitutional.
district court judge jettisons nine states' attempt to bust up Microsoft's antitrust pact with the Justice Department.
District Court judge to dismiss a class-action suit filed by African American railroad workers across the country.
A federal district court judge in Birmingham, AL, Judge Edwin Nelson, dismissed the federal antitrust suit against Intel Corp.
The district court judge concluded that the statements were provided in violation of Miranda after determining that the defendant was not given his Miranda rights until after he gave the statement.
district court judge Claudia Wilken upheld parts of the 1996 ordinance, saying airlines must provide "noneconomic" benefits, such as bereavement leave, family leave, and flight benefits, to employees' domestic partners.
The issue is again before district court judge Maurice Paul," John Rimes told the Journal.
A district court judge in New Orleans had certified earlier this year that up to 90 million current and former smokers could sue cigarette manufacturers in Castano v.
A Colorado District Court judge has ruled unconstitutional a voter-approved amendment to that state's constitution.
However, the district court judge granted acquittals for two of the dentists and a new trial to the third.

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