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Other studies questioned the traditional ways of measuring relatedness and concluded that strategic relatedness is superior to product-market relatedness in predicting when related diversifiers outperform unrelated diversifiers (Markides & Williamson, 1994).
Though this does not necessarily mean that gold or any other specific asset is the "ideal diversifier .
Let's start with true diversifiers, and there aren't many.
The second one, he said, meets directional return needs in a liquid format and acts as a diversifier to the risky part of a portfolio (equities).
Le sous secretaire du ministere a dit que la subvention sera utilisee pour financer les etudes d'explorer et de diversifier les sources d'energie et d'augmenter la quantite disponible dans les zones rurales.
Prices of platinum, a good portfolio diversifier, are likely to remain subdued for some time
Given unusually high correlations amongst traditional investments - farmland can be an important diversifier.
The study continues that overall, long/short investing is found to be a better diversifier of equity risk and long-only investing a better diversifier of fixed income risk.
You always should have some money in REITs because they are a great diversifier," said Chris Cordaro, a financial adviser in Morristown, N.
With traditional buy-to-let landlords currently seeing stable, rather than growing, rents and rising unemployment underway, this is one sector of the property market which is set to benefit from the economic downturn and is a great diversifier.
It is known by the international investment community to be a good portfolio diversifier, offering value uncorrelated to other more risky asset classes.