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With a focus on American evangelical Christianity, Price, professor of scriptural studies at the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary and editor of the Journal of Higher Criticism, addresses the issue of whether all those who believe in the divine inspiration and authority of the Bible also believe it is inerrant and therefore must be taken literally.
I'd like say the latter was divine inspiration but it was suggested to me by Gordon Ramsay's former right-hand man at Maze, Jason Atherton.
You could say John Miller's path to Pepperdine University, where he was recently promoted to vice chancellor, was a matter of divine inspiration.
Mike, Ashford Divine inspiration Could Tom Segal be persuaded to carry a radio transmitter with him at all times so at midday prayers I know which way to face.
The first nine essays deal with Thomas's interpretation of Sacred Scripture, providing an overview of his methodology and of his understanding of divine inspiration and revelation.
Ruwach (roo'-akh) can mean "The Breath of God," referring to something that has been given a vital breath or divine inspiration.
HOW many times have you been tempted to call on divine inspiration when struggling in dark conditions?
Their indebtedness to Italianate modes of literary expression is well known, but they also experimented with notions of poetic authority that range from divine inspiration to internal motivation in ways not unlike Skelton's own practice.
Just as the divine inspiration of Psalm 23 is not in doubt, Ricci's illustrations, which accompany "one of the most comforting and reassuring passages of all time," suggest God's handiwork from front flap to back.
It was divine inspiration," says guitarist Steph Paynes of the cover band's formation.
Take a dose of craft traditions, mix it with a spiritual set of insights into the wellsprings of divine inspiration, and pair it with recipes and crafts geared for celebrations of life and you have a multicultural magic guide which integrates crafts with new age spirituality and well-being.
And Safin put his triumph down to the divine inspiration of the Argentine icon.