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Sin is the rupture and frustration of the original destiny of human beings, namely, divinization.
Christ is the icon of all salvation, the divinization of the entire universe.
The first, with articles by Michael Christensen and Andrew Louth, introduces the context of divinization within Christianity.
As will be noted below, the key for Gregory to the hesychast understanding of divinization was the mystery of the Incarnation (see Meyendorff, Introduction a l'etude, pp.
1-26) his methodological approach and a useful survey of relevant Neoplatonic philosophers from Plotinus until the end of the Neoplatonic Schools in the 6th and 7th centuries AD, O'Meara proceeds to the first goal of Neoplatonic political philosophy, the divinization of the soul (part I; pp.
Finally, in an essay on "Salvation as Divinization," Michael J.
Suspended over the borderline between transcendence and transgression, it contains the essence of theosis, a doctrine of human divinization incipient in Eastern Orthodox mysticism.
But the biggest problem remains, in my opinion, that Catholics are still unconvinced of the divinization that takes place in baptism.
113) For Rahner, Jesus' resurrection is "the irreversible and the embryonically final beginning of the glorification and divinization of the whole of reality.
Easter is an event in which "God irrevocably adopts the creature as [God's] own reality"; "the irreversible and embryonically final beginning of the glorification and divinization of the whole reality.
a divinization of his whole lineage, as a mark of racial purity .
Jacques Masson, "La divinization de l'homme les raisons de l'opposition de Shenouda III," pp.