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Noah sent the bauble out to her in a glass of grapefruit sorbet at Divino, and stood grinning at his post behind the line until Celia's squeals came through the swing doors.
Just saw the pic from El Divino last, holy mother of god it's disgusting
We were invited to a tasting session for journalists and tried a healthy variety of pizza and dessert plates and are pleased to say Il Divino will probably not be a short-lived endeavour like its predecessor at the same location was.
As we approach our 19th harvest we are delighted to be partnered with Vin Divino," said Benjamin Williams.
Price, Cheong Xin Chan, Jeferson Gross, Divino Rajah and collaborators from the U.
Major Bulgarian winemakers will gather on November 19-20, 2011, for the first edition of DiVino.
Concert-ballet: Il Divino Claudio [music by Claudio Monteverdi] - May 11, 7.
1943: Pope Pius XII issues Divino Afflante Spiritu ("Inspired by the Divine Spirit"), an encyclical on scripture studies that dramatically changes Catholic standards of scripture scholarship and encourages scholars to go back to original sources in their Bible studies and their translations of scripture Into modern languages.
Surrounding the picturesque harbour are the famous superclubs such as Es Paradis, Eden and El Divino.
Cooking Italian with Judy Witts-Francini features Crostini Siciliani, Risotto Divino, Pasta Primavera, Maiale al Latte and Torta di Mele Montgliari.
Divino, long a favorite on Main Street, accomplishes the nice trick of being cool and refined and warm and inviting at the same time.
Ma viene anche utilizzato come scrittura portatrice o mediatrice del divino, come occasione per una riflessione culturale e socio-politica in cui chiesa e religione sono di volta in volta idoli o bersagli, o come contemplazione del dogma, devozione e adorazione.