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My father is dying of cancer and refuses to draft a will. All his assets will go into intestate territory when he dies. We just discovered that he has another daughter about two years ago. She is the oldest; I am the youngest and have been more involved with my father. Who is first in line for intestate succession? Or are we both equally considered his legal next of kin? I want to make certain his affairs are looked after properly. My sister does not know enough about him to accomplish this task.


His kids will all normally share equally from the estate including his other daughter.
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It also refused to hand over to Pakistan the agreed division of assets, both financial and military.
Little is a family law attorney whose practice is focused on the representation of clients in negotiations and disputes involving prenuptial agreements, complex divorce actions, the valuation of tangible and intangible business and personal assets, the appropriate division of assets and debts, child custody, and alimony and child support payments.
AN equal division of assets in divorce is a norm that can occasionally be departed from, for example if one party to a marriage has made a 'stellar contribution' to the marital wealth or the marriage is a brief and childless one.
com/2017/04/17/ben-affleck-jennifer-garner-dating-moving-prenup-divorce/) TMZ also reported that the ex-couple will have to spend some time figuring out the division of assets as both did not sign any prenup at the time of their marriage.
Borradaile will lend her expertise to the "The Math of Divorce" panel, which will discuss the financial and tax issues associated with equitable division of assets.
A reader who does not want his name mentioned asks: What would be a fair division of assets for a Filipino-Chinese family of four siblings, two males and two females?
The split, according to sources, had been expected to take place this October after completion of negotiations between Shell and Saudi Aramco over the division of assets and compensation due the partners.
Still, her declaration has at least given us further insight into their division of assets.
When it comes to separation and divorce, it will require further time and money to sort things when it comes to division of assets.
The break up of Motiva Enterprises will see a division of assets - leaving Aramco with the US's largest crude oil refinery.
In the proposed division of assets, SRI will retain the Motiva name, assume sole ownership of the Port Arthur, Texas refinery, retain 26 distribution terminals, and have an exclusive license to use the Shell brand for gasoline and diesel sales in parts of Texas, the majority of the Mississippi Valley, the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic markets.
Challenges relating to child support, custody, alimony and the division of assets can be complicated when the divorce laws in their country of origin do not coincide with UAE law.

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