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Highlights include advising on the division of assets in a financial remedy matter, which involved properties in the US and Spain worth over PS11m.
But she added that equal division of assets, known as community of property, would now not form part of an expected package of legislation to improve the justice and divorce systems.
million, primarily from the division of assets of Boesky's former
Under California law the "no-fault divorce", introduced in 1970, means there is an equal division of assets and property.
Even with an unrealistically generous division of assets, without significant investment (i.
I think there needs to be a fair and equitable plan put before the voters that discusses the division of assets and liabilities,'' Hahn told reporters after the session.
I'm concerned about the division of assets - that's a huge accounting issue,'' said Braun, chairman of the Pierce College business department.
Division of assets and personnel should have been addressed in the report, said LAFCO Commissioner James DiGiuseppe.
The reports are also expected to discuss the potential division of assets and liabilities, and revenues and expenses.
Challenges relating to child support, custody, alimony and the division of assets can be complicated when the divorce laws in their country of origin do not coincide with UAE law.
What's called a "non-consideration sale" could also be for financial planning reasons as part of a division of assets in their divorce agreement, added Bailey.
Last month, the Napthine Government accepted the Sunbury out of Hume panel recommendations regarding the division of assets for the new Sunbury Council.

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