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STEVEDORE. A person employed in loading and unloading vessels. Dunl. Adm. Pr. 98. Vide Arrameurs; Sac

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Mary's district of Cardiff until Thomas Lewis the second, who was also a dock labourer, died in 1892.
As children, we just saw Uncle Tommy with a slight limp," says Tom, the third of five children born to Leo, an old soldier who worked as a dock labourer, and Mary, a cleaner.
He was a dock labourer and his father John Meade a docks steam dredger man.
Short, stocky and bright-eyed, Rob was raised in poverty himself, the fourth of six children raised in a two-up two-down cottage in Oxton, Birkenhead, by their parents Evelyn and Frank Jeffs, a dock labourer.
The Liverpool dock labourer left a wife and child at home in Barnet Street, off Earle Street.
And back in Crosbie Street in the Toxteth area of Liverpool, Thomas Burke, a dock labourer, and his wife Catherine, were awaiting news of their son, who had joined the Army to fight for Queen and country, wherever it might take him.