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The EBSCO Support Site contains information to help librarians learn more about adding American Doctoral Dissertations to EBSCOhost profiles.
The Almond Award recognizes the best doctoral dissertation in the field of comparative politics.
In a three-to-one ratio, more women than men authored doctoral dissertations between 1987 and 2006; this is consistent with previous studies of higher-education-related dissertations (Banning & Kuk, 2009 and 2011).
The fund has issued the award for a total of 39 doctoral dissertations, 20 licentiate theses and 83 Master's theses, including this year's prizes.
Chetty was selected for his research for his doctoral dissertation that will examine the relationship between income benefits and return to work, with a focus on the trade-off between over-utilization of benefits (longer duration) and adequate benefits (higher replacements rates).
This extensive study of the activities, identity, and cultural meanings of seamstresses (couturieres) in France during the "long" eighteenth century began as a Cornell doctoral dissertation, and it retains many of the features of an excellent dissertation: it is based on years (four, according to the author's acknowledgements) of archival research, primarily in Paris but also in Aix-en-Provence, Marseilles, and Caen; it situates the topic within several different bodies of historical literature, in this case the history of work (primarily in France) and the history of women (more broadly European); it draws on a variety of theoretical perspectives, especially social history--from which it takes "methods and problems" (p.
and is working on her doctoral dissertation on the ways that Methodists use art to mark the liturgical seasons.
Basically a doctoral dissertation defended in 1995, this book should have taken advantage of the considerable amount of work published on the Persiles since.
Once the fellowship recipient's doctoral dissertation committee formally approves the research proposal and written evidence of this approval is submitted to ACICS, the fellow will receive a payment of $3,000.
Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.
WRD's "Drought Proofing" Efforts Linked to Local Nobel Prize Winner Doctoral Dissertation
In 1998, Soros, who also maintains a residence in London, completed a doctoral dissertation at the Royal College of Art 'The Secular Furniture of E.

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