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Usually a doctoral thesis raises more questions than it answers.
In the last decade there was a small evolution in the production of Doctoral Thesis on guidance (see Table 1).
In terms of inclusiveness, it is worth mentioning that not every doctoral thesis in existence can be found in the database: only those that have been submitted by the PhD candidate or university are included in the catalogue.
The spokesman said the university was still awaiting the outcome of the investigation into the unconnected allegation of plagiarism relating to the professor's York doctoral thesis but stressed it was keen to move forward.
He is currently working on his doctoral thesis on "The Attribution of Business Profits to Permanent Establishments--Non-Discrimination Issues.
Her doctoral thesis focused on instructional leadership in high-poverty schools.
The copious book, which started off as Avermaete's doctoral thesis, provides an extensive historical, philosophical, socio-political and architectural background for an encompassing assessment of the architects' complete oeuvre.
2001), Tatz offers in response his own doctoral thesis (Tatz 1964) and a derivative paper (Tatz 1963), published in Australian Quarterly.
Ruger, a German, also speaks Dutch thanks to two years of research in Amsterdam in 1998-99 for his doctoral thesis, which he now intends to complete at Radbound University in Nijmegen.
Ralph wrote up the bizarre results as a small part of his doctoral thesis.
His doctoral thesis on the history of southern Sudan, published in 1961, became the standard work on the subject.

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