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I have been told - although I'm sure whether it's true or not - that the name originates from former dog kennels in this area that belonged to the Longley Estate.
There are now four pens out of the weather, a heated dog kennel with a floor drain, and a 24-by-17-foot indoor small animal shelter, including a small quarantine room.
He said he took the gun, wrapped up in a red and white carrier, and hid it under blankets in the dog kennel at his home.
Outbuildings include a garage/store, timber cabin gym room/home office, dog kennel and garden room.
As for these poor, homeless persons they talk of, having been in the private sector for a fair few years I've meet some who are a shiftless bunch and I would not like to rent them a dog kennel.
A DOG kennel worker who was attacked by a Rottweiler has had one armamputated and may lose her other one.
The joint venture between Frontier Estates and Opus Land will see the 57-acre TRW site between the A34 Stratford Road, Dog Kennel Lane and Blackford Road transformed into a prestige office complex.
Also looking for a break is Steven's no-talent girlfriend, Valerie (Calista Flockhart), a profane little firecracker tired of living next door to a Hollywood dog kennel.
September 22: Jonathan Kelly, 12, was stabbed in the back in a row over a dog kennel in Co Wicklow.
Jonathan Kelly from Ocean View died from a single wound to the back after an argument over a makeshift dog kennel on Thursday.
WESTWAYS magazine's July/August issue features "Eight Great Pet Hotels" for those who want the "dog equivalent of La Costa" or a modestly priced cat or dog kennel.
SCENE: Dog Kennel Bank where the gang struck on Thursday evening