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Consumers walk into a dollar store with the intention to buy, not to browse, and almost always walk away with something.
The competitive landscape analysis assesses which retailers have the strongest competitive position in the Dollar Store sector
Thorpe said dollar stores and convenience stores have seen strong growth partly because of availability.
The white paper, Dollar Days: How Dollar Stores are Growing in a Weak Economy, indicated these four major dollar stores now operate approximately 21,500 locations in the United States.
High income shoppers spent 18% more at dollar stores in the second half of 2008 compared to the prior year, according to The Nielsen Company.
The demographic attracted to the dollar store is improving," says Mark Deuschle, president of Stillwater, Minn.
He explained that this consumer niche is postponing its discretionary purchases, and a large part of dollar store merchandise falls into the more discretionary decorative home and home textiles categories.
Shopping at dollar stores is becoming more popular with Americans, according to A.
Dimensioning of Dollar Store Majors' capital constraints and the possible impact on the future pace of openings
While it's not surprising that dollar store shoppers in lower-income households are likely to say that dollar stores offer better prices than other retailers, those in the highest household income group are likely to agree with this statement as well.
Does a dollar store in such a location lose business?